From idea to fruition

I’ve always loved flowers. They’re one of my favorite things to both look at, and depict in paintings and drawings. Although my work is intuitive and abstract-based, I do often like adding some symbols, stylized objects or figures into my pieces. It’s become my signature style. Inspiration for my art comes from many different places- books, articles, social media, other art, films and everyday objects/landscapes.

One of those everyday things is a flowering tree in the backyard of the house that I live in. It’s a wildly growing thing, that’s creeped over the side of the neighbor’s fence into our yard, such as it is. My landlords have cemented over the backyard, so there’s not much greenery, but our neighbors have a small, suburban farm, complete with a mini orchard, chickens and several flowering trees. It makes for a pleasant view from my window, which faces out to the yard. I noticed the flowering tree a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure it’s a cherry blossom tree. The flowers look very similar. I’m striving to recreate the beautiful flowers in bloom. I’m not interested in just capturing the changing seasons. I think flowers are a symbol of timeless beauty. Here are a few images, to demonstrate the progression from an inspirational object, to an idea, resulting in an artwork. I’m actually working on a series of paintings and illustrations based on these gorgeous pink flowers. You can view more of my work on my website.

The flowering tree

Closeup of the flowers, during their first spring bloom

Painting in progress

One of the finished pieces, “Dancing Sakura.”

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