Dancing Sakura cherry blossoms

“Dancing Sakura”

I got the idea to paint this piece after seeing the vibrant, almost neon pink pot of watercolor paint sitting in the bag. I love painting flowers. It’s one of my favorite things to paint, because flowers make everything so beautiful, both in real life and on canvas. I’m a person who is prone to getting depressed easily, so looking at beautiful flowers cheers me up. I have trouble walking around a lot. I get fibromyalgia pains in my legs, so I can’t walk through gardens as often as I used to. Looking at spring flowers makes me feel happy though, so I often paint them so I’ll have something beautiful to look at.

The dancing effect I thought of because I like the way that flower petals look when they’re falling off of trees, blowing around in the wind. I like using sweeping, swaying motions when I paint. It gives more life to a painting. I also added a few bits of purple paint into the piece because I hate monochrome paintings. You don’t see just one color when you see spring flowers in real life, so why would you paint them in just one color? I’m all about color!

Why cherry blossom? Because I think they’re some of the most beautiful flowers there are, and because I like the association with Japanese art and imagery. I’m obsessed with Japan, particularly its traditional arts and culture. My dream is to see the cherry blossoms in bloom one day in Japan.

I painted this piece using a stencil brush from Japan, on a canvas that’s also from Japan. It’s on an 11 x 9” canvas, and I used only watercolor gouache paint on this one.

I need to sell my art in order to survive. Please buy my art and share my work with others. Please support the arts, and artists. We are people too. Thank you.



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