Printing and Painting Pretty Things for a Living

As part of the continuous evolution of my brand, Maya’s Divine Designs, I want to offer my artwork to customers at as wide of a range of options and prices as possible, so that there are choices for everyone’s budgets. Therefore, I’m working with a new vendor to offer art prints on watercolor paper, for a very affordable price, or ‘do it yourself’ printable electronic images that you can order, download and print at home.

I will continue to also offer original paintings too, which are a little more expensive, but still reasonable in price. The prices for all of the items in my store are based on labor, materials and the methods of delivery, but every piece is my original work.

There’s cute gift options too, including hand-decorated fans and hand-painted postcards. I decided to do these pieces by hand because I think they’re more special than mass produced items. There’s something very rewarding about traditional craftsmanship, and I’m pretty old school when it comes to the arts. I believe that artists have a place in the world, just like other skilled tradespersons, such as builders, furniture makers, and so on.

I’m a small business owner and artist, but I’ve also experienced challenges with changing financial circumstances over the years, so I understand that not everyone can afford to collect fine art, but I hope that if you enjoy my work and my story you’ll consider investing in it, in some way. I believe that art should be for everyone, and that everyone should have the chance to invest in something beautiful, that will bring a lifetime of joy and a pop of color into the home, and the heart.

But sadly, big commerce has devalued the works of many artists, and because most artists must also sell their work to live, they accept terms that not only undervalue their skills, but lead consumers to believe that art should be a cheap commodity, like any other form of decor. I’m all for artists succeeding, but believe very strongly in shopping small, in artisans over big commerce, and in the care, attention to detail and artistry of craftsmanship that only small businesses can produce.

So, my business is based on a hybrid between affordability and artistry. I won’t compromise my quality standards based solely on price, and I believe in both artists and vendors being paid fairly for their work. I operate on a very small budget, with zero overhead, since I work from home, so the prices are honest, fair and as affordable as possible.

I can’t work for free, and I don’t believe that what I do is any less valuable than building a house or installing a bathroom sink.

Art should inspire, and sometimes challenge the viewer, but it should also elicit emotions. Thank goodness for the ability to share my life stories and my work with others for a living! I have the best job in the world!

My art and design business, Maya’s Divine Designs, is now accepting orders!

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