Before the Fire


‘Before the Fire’ is a historical fiction novel by MλYΛ Garcia, Author. It is a love story, set just before the American Civil War. Benjamin Hollis, a Virginian gentleman, falls madly in love with the charming, French-Louisianan debutante, Vivienne Marchand. He courts her in secret for months, before the Mardi Gras soirée. Benjamin has another big secret: he is an Abolitionist. He abhors slavery, and fights against the ‘peculiar institution’ of slavery.

Joining him in this fight is his elder brother Alfred, another gentleman and Southern ‘dandy.’ He thoroughly enjoys being a ‘man about town’ until he meets the alluring L’illien Marchand, Vivienne’s younger sister. Their coinciding love stories unfold amidst the chaotic backdrop of the Civil War. They celebrate love in the midst of an environment of hatred, fear and repression.

Their dramatic tale is compounded by a fierce rivalry between the Hollis men and Henry Farnsworth, a fellow shipping tycoon and member of the landed gentry. Their rivalry takes a violent turn as the story reaches its climax.

‘Before the Fire’ is fresh, original and ‘mind-blowing’ writing. MλΥλ Garcia has a true gift for weaving together words in a way that will inspire your mind, and capture your heart. Far from your typical historical fiction novel, ‘Before the Fire’ was inspired by a series of curious recurring dreams and deja vu incidents during Ms. Garcia’s travels through the United States, particularly through New Orleans. She also illustrated the book, so the reader gets a unique glimpse inside the mind of the author, and can see precisely what she envisioned as she wrote the story.

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