Shadow Horses

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Mediaset: ‘Shadow Horses.’ May not be copied or reproduced without expressed permission from Maya Garcia, Visual Artist.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on this idea of an ‘art installation,’ based off of a dream sequence, so here it is. The boxes are a sort of play on the idea of dioramas, and the ‘hanging display’ seen below features several double-sided painting/collage hybrids, along with a discarded piece of lingerie, and a religious ‘artifact.’ The general idea was to play female sexuality off with religion. The messages on the collages are some of the things women often hear, as well as my own personal commentary. I did my best to recreate the beachside ‘parade’ of random bric a brac I saw, a sort of subconscious melee and statement about the ‘throwaway’ nature of sex in the modern world, and the ‘disposable’ nature of women’s images that we see in popular culture. I trawled through thrift shops, art supply stores and even streets for the ‘found objects’ you see in this piece.

I like the broken hanger in terms of symbolism. This piece is all about subjugation (again,) gender roles, sexuality and perceptions of women, from the point of view of a woman (naturally.)

We are told a lot of things as women, and ‘instructed’ as to how we should look, what we should wear, and how we should live our lives, so this piece is a statement about that, and my own version of rebellion against stereotypes and subjugation of women.

The name of the piece, ‘Shadow Horses,’ came from the tag I found on the doll. It seems fitting, somehow.

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