NOTE: this is a statement piece, and it is designed to cause some shock to the viewer. It may not be safe for work.

This is a painting/collage visual storyboard of sorts. It is both a general statement on society’s views of female subjugation, rape, rape “culture,” and objectification. The piece pretty much speaks for itself. As both a woman, and a survivor, it is naturally colored to a certain extent by my own experience. I obviously take this subject very seriously, and hoped to not only provoke a response from the viewer, but also hoped to illustrate what objectification FEELS like.

I do not share this information lightly. I need to clarify that this piece is NOT intended to be a broad political statement, but it is partly a moral observation, based on experience.

I used watercolors, chalk pastels, and markers, and the photographs were found objects. The photos were found in an already slightly “decomposed” state, and the subject matter and state of partial decay inspired this piece of work. I built the rest of the piece around the photos.

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