Dancing Through Life

This is a mixed media painting/collage hybrid I’ve just completed, called “Dancing Through Life.” I called it this because as I started to paint, it felt as if I was almost dancing in my chair. The swirls and dots in the background seem to suggest movement. There are also elements of cross-hatching.

The collage of found objects and phrases, along with the mish-mash of elements used almost gives the appearance of seeing inside a woman’s purse, or handbag. The bits of smashed lipstick, the discarded pieces of mail, the torn-up travel tickets, all suggest a life lived in a slightly chaotic, albeit colorful manner. This piece, I suppose, is reflective of the artist. The overall theme is that for as chaotic as that life dance can be, a life lived in love is always a beautiful thing to behold.

This piece was created using found objects, watercolor paints/crayons/pencils, makeup, fake blood, chalk pastel and marker. It is on heavyweight mixed media-supported artist’s paper, and is 14 x 17 in. For pricing, please contact the artist, Maya Garcia: ladygrinningsoul@rocketmail.com.

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