“Wordplay” is a photograph I took recently while out and about in the city. I love living in a big city; it always gives me plenty of opportunities to see new, inspiring things and to “people watch.” People simply fascinate me, and while I typically tend to photograph things rather than people, I enjoy seeing how people leave their mark on the world, through everyday objects.

One of the many ways I have witnessed creativity through everyday living is through street art. Not just graffiti; but also “streetart collages,” which seem to be more prevalent than ever these days. I’m happy to see streetart personally, and far from being an “eyesore,” I think it’s a beautiful expression of intent in a highly imperfect world. It’s often as much of a social commentary as an expression of color and life.

So, “Wordplay” is just one of many streetart collages I’ve captured an image of. There may be a series of these images in the near future.

As always, if you like my art and/or photography, and would like to order prints, originals or commission artwork, please contact me via email (ladygrinningsoul@rocketmail.com) and I will respond ASAP with more details.

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