Honeybees and Salty Seas


“Truth by two,

Forever forged…”

“You are my one true love; you are the one that I will always come back to, every time, no matter what. Remember the promise.”

Beautiful words, heard in a dream, by my regular dream companion. In my dream I was swimming, and saw the debris one might expect to see at the bottom of the sea, except that I saw two honeybees, floating past me.

Dreams of swimming underwater, or even drowning, have been a common, recurring theme for me since childhood, but this time, it was a positive, uplifting dream, filled with love, so I’m guessing that seeing the honeybees was a good omen, and a sign of things to come. Let’s hope so!

I’m thinking this was definitely a good omen, because one of the bees was somehow ‘smiling’ at me, almost like you’d see in a children’s cartoon, but without a ‘human’ head- ‘Maya the bee,’ perhaps? It’s a real cartoon, I kid you not: http://youtu.be/oXR_VVh7e-I

So, I hope the dream comes true one day soon; I’m ready for some sweetness!

As always, if you’d like to commission artwork, or purchase any of the pieces you find on this blog, please contact me, Maya Garcia (ladygrinningsoul@rocketmail.com) for more details.

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