Bleu Marine and Fandom

I’m an unabashed fan of music, especially from my favorite band, Duran Duran. Today’s piece was created in honor of Simon Le Bon’s birthday, (Le Bon is the frontman of Duran Duran, for those followers who aren’t familiar with his name.) Simon has inspired me over the years to write, sing, tell stories, and to be fearless in My Own Way as an artist.

He’s not afraid of taking risks or appearing foolish, and his ‘devil may care’ attitude has been a big influence on me, especially in recent years, as I’ve made the foray into the visual arts. Launching a career as a self-taught artist and illustrator is pretty scary, especially when you consider the level of competition in the art world, in spite of all the opportunities there are now, due to the influx of social media.

So here’s to you, Simon. I know you enjoy the sea and sailing, so this piece I’ve created for you is evocative of the big blue ocean. Thanks for the inspiration, and here’s to many more years of ‘smooth sailing!’

xx Maya

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