Signs and Solutions

I believe in signs from the universe, synchronicity and omens and so far, whenever I’ve asked the universe for any of the above I’ve received it, in pretty short order. This time the sign I received was a bit more literal; as I was walking past a hair salon; the word “solutions” beckoned to me in big, neon lights. “Aha,” I thought. “Here is the sign I was looking for, in the biggest, most obvious way imaginable!” So, this is a photograph that’s been altered slightly, and turned into a piece of digital art, with a theme.

So many of life’s questions remain forever unanswered to me, but one thing’s for sure; when I put my faith in trusting the flow of the universe, and in my own intuition, it never steers me wrong. So this is a little tribute to that ever-growing faith I have in…whatever is out there.

Please contact Maya Garcia ( if you like this piece, and wish to download it. Please do not copy or redistribute this image without asking me first! Thank you.

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