Dreams inspire much of my work. This piece is entitled “The Road Ahead: Souvenirs.” It is a mixed media piece, using watercolors, charcoal pencil, markers and metallic paint. The images include a depiction of images seen in a dream; a desert road in the middle of the seashore, fading off into the distance. On this road lies several Polaroid pictures, depicting various stages of my life to date, along with other abstract images. In the dream, as I walk along this road, on my way to an important meeting with someone, I pick up the Polaroid pictures, each one a clue to the whereabouts of my mysterious friend. I recognize his face somehow, but I cannot seem to find him, yet I feel certain (with the kind of certainty that one can easily have while in a dream state) that the more clues I pick up, the closer I will get to him.

The desert road is in direct opposition to the seaside surrounding it. Perhaps this is my subconscious mind’s attempt at performing a ‘balancing act’ of sorts, taking two diametrically opposed climates, and landscapes, and merging them into one, to achieve harmony.

This piece is available for purchase. Please feel free to email me ( for prices and shipping details. This is a one-of-a-kind original, created by me.

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